Should I Hire An SEO Company or Just Trusted Freelancers? – An Extensive Guide To Help You With This Dilemma

Should I Hire An SEO Company or Just Trusted Freelancers? – An Extensive Guide To Help You With This Dilemma

SEO Agency or Freelancers? What is an SEO company? Where to find trusted freelancers from? Aren’t these the question we all ask at least once in our lives if we are even a little bit indulged in digital marketing?

Today, in this blog post, I will try and lay down some of the most common pros and cons of hiring SEO Companies and freelances so that our readers can make an informative decision based on facts and data.

To start things off, let me tell you why you should hire an SEO Company for your website’s optimization:

First of all, SEO is no more a one-man job. Gone are the days when only a person was required to do all the optimization on your site.

Since Google has moved their framework’s approach towards consumer welfare and ease of readers, it has started factoring-in many ranking parameters – around 200 to be precise.

In the early 2000s, there were people who single-handedly managed web page creation, content creation, link building, and blogger outreachs. Now the time has changed drastically and due to this, we need dedicated website designers, graphic designers, UX experts, conversion experts, Link building professionals, bloggers, copywriters and dedicated people for website optimization.

Trusted SEO companies have dedicated teams of specialized professionals who know what to do. There are teams for graphics designing, content creations, AD campaigners and much more to bifurcate a complex marketing project into smaller and simplers ones.

Go for an SEO company if your website needs to be done from the scratch. It is actually strongly advisable to opt for SEO companies if your business is new and needs a lot of traction from the very start. You can not miss on opportunities which you just might miss if you opt to go all alone or with in-experienced hands overboard.

Where to find the best SEO companies and what is SEO services?

1. Word of mouth: The best advice you can get is from the trusted ones. If you are in a business, you’d know people who’d know other people. Just keep asking your friends about the SEO companies they hired or thinking of hiring.

2. PPC Ads: An SEO company will invest their manpower and marketing budget online. Try to look out for the best-portraited SEO agency according to your needs. If you find one’s Af compelling enough, contact them and sign up for a meeting. Try this and I guarantee that you’ll land in a safe place.

Next on the list is why should you go for freelancers instead of SEO companies?

This is more to do with a personal touch to your project. An SEO freelancer will be someone who has almost all the industry insights on how to rank particular types of keywords in Google.

Finding a perfect SEO freelancer is tough as there are plenty of them in various kinds of forums.

Where to find SEO Freelancers from?

Online Platforms and Forums: You can go and look for some of the seasoned SEO freelancers from forums like,, and such others.

Hiring SEO freelancers against an SEO company is time-consuming but cheap. So, if you have time constraints with you, go with SEO company but if you are tight on cash, freelancers are the way to go.



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