Local Map Packs:

Local search engine optimization is becoming increasingly important. Online search behavior is changing, and the way Google is serving results has changed. Google can detect users location by checking their IP address or location mentions in the search query, if you search for Jacksonville plumber or  only plumber if you are located in Jacksonville Google will serve you with service providers around you at the top of search results.

Getting Started With Local SEO

The first step towards appearing on the top of the map pack is having a properly filled out Google My Business page. This information sets the record straight on your local, business name, address, contact information, all paramount to local search results. Chances are that if you haven’t yet created a Google My Business (GMB) page for your company, it is waiting to be claimed, and more importantly optimized. The more information you provide to Google, the better chances you have at ranking locally.

Local SEO Citations

Like a GMB page, citations are listings on specific websites that provide pertinent information about your company. Think of it as a digital business card, providing relevant information like your company name, website, phone number and address. The more citations that indicate your geographic information, the more you help the cause of getting found online in that region. It’s important to make sure the information you provide is consistent, accurate and listed on the top citation websites.

Other Local SEO Factors

Users reviews on your GMB can play a key role in attracting future customer, it also has a big role to play in your ranking in local results, encouraging customers to leave positive reviews is a very important step towards a successful local marketing strategy

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