Link Building is the Core of the Google Algorithm, Links are ranking votes for your website that Google listens to carefully!

Link building is the most important component of an SEO campaign. Despite what you may read online about how much Google has changed its link evaluation formula, links are the foundation of the Google algorithm. When you perform a keyword search in Google, there are specific reasons why certain websites show up at the top of 1 million plus search results. While there are hundreds of factors Google uses to determine the ‘value’ of your website, your backlink profile is extremely important.

Once you build a website, you want to be found! No matter how optimized or interesting your website may be, at some point you’ll realize the key to ranking is accruing relevant back-links. This is often where the confusion, and frustration begins for many business and website owners. Besides the issue of actually finding someone willing to link to one of your pages, there are also a dozen little rules regarding which links are acceptable and which will harm your SEO efforts rather than help it. It’s extremely important to realize that there is no way to ‘trick’ the algorithm, you have to abide by guidelines set forth by Google if you want to rank. Simply put, you have to play the game by their rules if you ever want to win.

It can all be a little overwhelming, but link building doesn’t need to be a monumental challenge. By taking advantage of helpful resources and adding links at a natural pace, your site can move up the ranks quickly.

The Purpose of Link Building

Google likes links. In fact, the quality and number of links directing to your website help the bots understand which websites are the ‘most important’. How Google defines ‘importance’ is a course within itself, as the algorithm is comprised of hundreds of metrics used to gauge the overall importance of a website. Just remember, that Google became what it is by providing users with answers to questions, and links help the bots find the most relevant results in an attempt to answer the users question, or search query.

A page with no links pointing to it isn’t ‘important’ for a bot to index and often gets left at the bottom of search results. At one point in time the number of links was very important factors in ranking your website, but as the Google Algorithm grew along with the number of online users, other metrics became more important to help ensure Google delivered accurate results to reflect what people were actually searching for. Besides the number of links, the type and quality of links is now more important than ever.

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