I like to refer to a keyword as the question that people type in the search box in order to find a solution to a problem. Let me demonstrate this with an example so you can see how a business can benefit from learning what keywords their potential customers use to find them

The kitchen sink is not draining any more and the plunger is not doing the job

It is an issue that people face on a regular basis, it is urgent and they need a quick help from a professional (ins this case a plumber) in their area

People go to search engines to find a plumber in their area

People visit search engines like Google and type a keyword which most likely in this case will be “plumbers Jacksonville fl”

Websites that rank higher in search engines for this keyword will have a higher chance to get the click and eventually receive a phone call from a ready to buy customer

What makes a keyword good for a business? (what is called head keywords)

1- It is relevant to the service or the business (Plumbers Jacksonville)

2- It capture users at the end of their purchase cycle, in the plumber example people that search for this term are clearly not looking for information how to fix this issue by themselves otherwise they will be using a keyword like” how to unclog a kitchen sink”

3- It has search volume, according to Google keyword planner there is almost 3000 people searching for plumbers Jacksonville FL

Almost every business has at least 5-10 head keywords that the website must be optimised for and rank on the first page of search engines.

We will be happy to commence a comprehensive keyword research for you and find your head keywords, afterwards we will complete the process by doing the on page optimization for those keywords then move to the link building stage

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