How Google’s RankBrain is Affecting Millions of Search Results? Read To Get Industry Insights!

How Google’s RankBrain is Affecting Millions of Search Results? Read To Get Industry Insights!

Google always comes up with some new algorithmic updates which the SEO experts analyze and let us know what kind of impact they have on our websites and our line of approach.

Rankbrain came in 2015 and since then, things have changed drastically.

According to this article, Rankbrain is not a normal update, it is a self learning mechanism for google search in order to provide more accurate and relate-able search results to the end users.

“Rankbrain is the 3rd more important ranking factor among the hundreds of other factors.”

How does Rankbrain work?

Rankbrain analyses user behavior to your site and with that, it ranks the site.

Confused? Let me show an example for a bit of better understanding on the topic:

When I searched for “Best way to dress up”, these results came on the 1st google search page.

If a number of people click on third result (given they have pictures in their post and a blog post on dressing up with picture will make a lot more sense than a post with no pictures), Rankbrain will analyze this traction towards that result and rank it further up in the results page.

People usually ask me what is SEO and how it works? To them, SEO is nothing but to provide people what they are actually looking for. Rankbrain does this trick as it only factors in the Dwell time (the amount of time a reader spends on your site) and Click-Through Rate (CTR).

How To Improve Dwell Time And CTR To Rank Better With the Help of Rankbrain?

1. Deep Content (With Infographics)

Time and again, it has come up with the help of several researches that the websites which have more in-depth content are somehow getting the juice from the traction those content create.

Content length vs google position graph

Source: Backlinko

If a site is having more knowledge based articles, blog posts, free E-books, pdfs, infographics and such materials, the mother website gets a lot of hits.

These hits give positive signals to Rankbrain and helps the homepage to rank better than its competitors.

2. Actionable Title Tags – Keep changing if necessary!

The title tags which you put for your pages get crawled by the google bots on a regular basis. The users see the title tags of your website’s pages when they search on Google.

If you are thinking what I’m thinking, the question is what is SEO marketing and how Title tags play a huge role in SEO marketing campaigns.

Title tags not only act as the front most deliverable to the reader from your site, it is also your finest attempt to get a click. never forget that!

This is why, it is recommended to put some commanding and powerful title tags in your webpages.

Let me show you some fine examples:

In the above search results, action words like “Buy”, “How To”, “The 8 best recliners” are some of the words or rather, combination of words which make readers click on the link.

If your title tags are powerful enough, the traffic will boost up and again gives positive signals to rankbrain.

3. Create Content Which Increases The Dwell Time in Your Website

Dwell time is the amount of time an average user spends on your website (including all the pages).

In order to get this right, you need to make digestible and interesting content. If your content is not interesting, it won’t help in anything worth writing for.

The way you write a blog post has a direct impact on the dwell time. Look at this writing style of Neil Patel which draws readers from all over the world:


crazy content writing style

Blog Source: Neil Patel

Find out which style is best for your writing and your readers. This way, increased dwell time just might help you in ranking better.

This is all there is to know about RankBrain. Please comment down your questions or suggestions if you have any.

Till next time!


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