Are results guaranteed (top rankings)

No ethical SEO expert or a SEO service provider can guarantee SEO results. Anyone who makes any claims of being able to do so should not be trusted. Search engines do not share their ranking formula with anyone, they also fight any attempt to game their algorithms, no one can guarantee #1 results, or even first page results within a specific time frame. That being said, an experienced SEO expert can guestimate with very good accuracy a timeline in which SEO results can be expected. With the projects we agree to work on our success rate is more than 80%

The one thing that should be guaranteed when working with any SEO expert is doing the right things that can improve your websites chances to get better search engine rankings, our guarantee to you is if we can not do it (assuming we have the right budget) then no one else can

How are you spending my monthly budget?

More than 90% of the budget will be spend on acquiring quality links to your website, which will need to things, content and time. Our like building methodology is based on creating good content then reaching out to bloggers and magazines asking them to host this content in a exchange for a link to your website. A monthly link reports will all the links we successfully acquired for your website will be sent at the beaning of every month along with a ranking report for your head keywords.

How long will it take to see SEO results?

The very first signs of positive SEO results can be seen in as little as 4-6 weeks, with the majority of initial results occurring in months 3-6 of an SEO campaign. That being said, most campaigns really deliver the highest return in months 7-12 and beyond. SEO is a long-term play, and it,s really more of a marathon than a one-time sprint.

Existing ranking and competition are the main factors that decide ranking movments

A typical timeline for a site that is ranking pages 3-5 to start would be:

start seeing positive movement in as little as 3-6 weeks, really the first signs of life for the campaign• start getting closer to page one, if not cracking the bottom of page one in the first 3-6 months• staying on the bottom of page one/start climbing up to middle of page one during months 7-12• climbing up to the top of page one and staying there within months 13-18
For sites that are already on the first couple of pages of Google, the results will be much faster than the timeline above.

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